4/08/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Room: 150 G

Educational Session | Design Innovation


Lorraine G. Hiatt

Environmental Gerontologist

Lorraine G. Hiatt, Ph.D., Environmental Gerontology, Planning, Research and Design

Cindy Elkin

Senior Interior Designer


Robert Yohe

Senior Vice President



E01 - Daring to Tinker with the Small Home Model: How, Why, and Beware

This presentation will use real-life case studies and evidence-based data to explore the true effectiveness of the small home model. Participants will explore questions such as: What is the best number for residents? How do care and service partners really work in these environments? How do you design for smaller and larger groups, and where is the value in each? Is this model missing core elements of care and service, and what’s missing that could have an enormous impact on healthcare? Through an interactive presentation and audience participation, this researcher, planner, and designer will explore the program and design issues and successes of this model.
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