4/08/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Room: 151 G

Educational Session | Improving Memory and Specialty Care


Margaret Calkins


IDEAS Institute

Addie Abushousheh

Gerontologist, Researcher & Consultant

Organizational & Environmental Development


E04 - Success Begets Success: Putting Designers and Providers in a Position to Succeed

Frequently, designers are expected to solve the worldly woes of clients with incomplete information, rather than possessing the necessary resources to design an environment that responds to current and anticipated needs. This session explores the importance of clients’ organizational and operational documentation as an untapped resource to support the ideal union between care provision and new environments. It is hard to manage change in the midst of change. Frequently, organizational change efforts are being undertaken in conjunction with the redesign of the environment. These presenters will share suggestions for resources available to assist in the provision of design for person-centered care.
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