4/08/2019 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Room: 150 G

Educational Session | Design Innovation


Addie Abushousheh

Gerontologist, Researcher & Consultant

Organizational & Environmental Development

Migette Kaup

Professor Interior Design & Gerontology

Kansas State University


E06 - Person-centered Care: Translating Research into Evidence-based Design Strategies

Research is the foundation of evidence-based design and a necessary component in testing new ideas. This session provides a summary of peer-reviewed research articles that focus on developing a better understanding of the impacts and outcomes associated with the delivery of person-centered care practices (PCC). The speakers will disentangle the research findings and draw out the application-based outcomes that could be useful in the planning and design of PCC environments. Participants will learn how they can use these research findings to establish their own operational, organizational, and environmental criteria for programming and designing projects.

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