4/26/2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Room: M100

Educational Session | Design Innovation


Addie Abushousheh

Gerontologist, Researcher & Consultant

Organizational & Environmental Development

Lynn Kenney

Director of Industry Relations

The Center for Health Design


E11 - Designing Environments for Aging: Resources to Anticipate and Plan for Future Needs

Far too frequently, design professionals are expected to be magicians rather than logicians, solving all of their clients’ worldly woes with incomplete information and documentation, rather than being equipped with the necessary resources to design an environment that both responds to current needs as well as anticipates future requirements. Come explore more than 400 evidence-based resources for planning and designing for the current and anticipated needs of an aging population. Obtain specific insights to inform your everyday practice including putting technology to work in the care process and memory care design, preventing injuries and increasing safety, designing for age-related changes, universal design for human needs, and tailoring lighting interventions for Alzheimer's.
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