4/09/2019 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Room: 150 G

Educational Session | Design Innovation


Xi Wang

Ph.D. Candidate



E36 - Planning for the Future: A Proposed Model for Market Analysis and Scope Estimation in Assisted Living

Assisted living (AL) has emerged as an important housing and long-term care option for older Americans. Previous efforts to assess AL supply and demand data have primarily been at the state level. However, few studies have examined potential within-state variations or correlations between AL market penetration and socioeconomic characteristics beyond population and age. This study intends to promote the success of the AL businesses that largely rely on private recourses and ultimately promote health services to the elderly. Informed by the study outcomes, policymakers will be in a better position to understand the factors resulting in the disproportionate distribution of the AL facilities across the counties and to address these issues by public policies to minimize the disparity.
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