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April 21-24, 2018
Savannah International Trade & Convention Center

About the Conference

Educational programs are designed to provide attendees with just-breaking information, case studies, and research findings on myriad topics. These sessions are either research-focused or offer other educational scenarios including case studies, design outcomes or processes, and exploration of timely topics. Attendees will enjoy information-rich presentations with opportunities for Q&A and many provide opportunities to earn CEUs. The Environments for Aging conference sessions are comprised of the following tracks:


Applied Research Track Applied Research
Demonstrates the case for key approaches using research-based evidence, post-occupancy evaluations, and case study examination.


 EnrichedExperiences-01 Enriched Experiences

Presents cutting-edge developments, approaches, and considerations for various settings and experiences within aging environments.


DesignStrategiesSolutions-01 Planning and Strategy

Offers insights into leadership, strategies, and planning that exact effective outcomes.


 Caregiving-02 Caregiving

Shares stories about approaches and settings for caregiving from the resident and caregiver perspectives.


 InnovationsTechnology Innovations in Technology
Highlights new technology solutions that support healthy and productive aging and how those technologies can be integrated into new and existing environments.


 SuccessfulRemodelingRepositioning-01 Successful Remodeling and Repositioning
Examines cost-effective strategies that support creative ways for repositioning and creating inspiring environments.


 SupportingImprovingMemoryCare-01 Supporting and Improving Memory Care
Connects environmental design interventions and responsive behaviors for residents living with dementia and other cognitive challenges.


 Successful Aging in the Community Successful Aging in the Community
Explores models and examples for positive and healthy aging in a variety of community settings.


DeepDives-01 Deep Dives

Unique two-hour workshops that provide attendees with the opportunity to delve deeper into an array of topics with in-depth presentations and dialogue with workshop speakers and attendees.